Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hey readers! Did u all miss me?? You probably did notice that Blogger did take down me blog for quite a bit of time.... but good news is finally I seem to have got it back now! I guess I will maybe have to tone it down, or find myself a new home, to avoid getting it take down again. But I'm back! But right now all me uni stuff is coming to a grand climax as end of term fast approaches (we are closing real early this year because of the Olympics down the road in Stratford, because our campus is due to be home for the USA Olympics team!) But I will get back on with blog asap! Danxxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Part of a gang

Up until this week, 2012 had got off to a quiet and unadventurous start. I have been back at university in London for one month, but I have been extra busy with uni work because I did fail one of me modules, so I have to retake that on top of everything else. But it hasn’t been all work work work!!! I have been back home to Hertfordshire for two weekends, and both those weekends I did meet Brian for a quick fuck in his garage – and both times it was freezing cold! I did also see again that stocky middle-age bloke who I did first meet in November when I was working late shift in supermarket. If you do regular read me blog you will remember first time he did invite me back to his flat for a 3some with him and a Portuguese lad, and second time it was just him and me for a fuck.
Well I have not seen him since, but what with me being back home at me mums for Christmas break I suppose I’ve not been about much in London. Anyhow, this week I was doing late-night shift at supermarket when I did unexpected spot him doing some late-night shopping. Tonight he is wearing a suit and looks ordinary – he for sure does not look as horny as first time I saw him when he was wearing trackies that did seem to show a hint of his cock! He does also spot me and he comes over and says: “Not seen you for a bit.” So we get chatting, and one thing leads to other thing, so we decide to do something about seeing each other straight after me shift.
So when me shift does finish I do go round his flat. Fortunate by time I arrive it is very late and he is changed out of his suit and he is more comfy dressed in trackies and a sweatshirt. He does look more horny dressed like this, so I am happy! And what make me more happy is that he does offer me a can lager and then he starts roll a spliff – more things I do like, and all without me needing to ask!
As I take first swig of lager, he does tell me to strip off if I’m staying – he has said that to me every time, so that must be his pick-up line! And why not, because it does work, because just like the two occasions before I do strip down to me underpants! Then I do sit next to him and I start to work hard at get a bit drunk and stoned!
As I do get more drunk and stoned he does start touch me leg and then me cock, and I do start get horny – but also I do start get chatty! And so I do make joke and ask him where the Portuguese lad is, the one we did have 3some with. And the bloke says he has not seen him lately either. So I ask why not. The bloke does not answer. Then he says that it was a special occasion, that time. And that’s when I do find out some very interesting gossip! So it turns out that this bloke did meet the Portuguese lad online, and they did meet and have a fuck, and then they are chatting online again, and the Portuguese lad says he wants to be gangbanged! And so this bloke says he can get two or three mates of his round, and they’ll all fuck the Portuguese lad! And turns out that this did happen on the very night in November that I met them!
Seems that the Portuguese lad did get gangbanged, and after, when the gangbang party did quieten down, this bloke had gone supermarket to get more beer. And that is exact moment he first met me. And this was why he invited me to come fuck the Portuguese lad! So I was one of them gangbangers and I never did know!
So of course I have to ask this bloke if he can make a gangbang party for me! And of course he says first he gotta double-check that I’m a good fuck, and that is when we go into bedroom. After the spliff and all that chat about gangbanging we are already very hard and wet, so he get straight on with job of fucking me. But I am so horny I don’t need much fucking to make me cock explode, and soon after I have cum he does cum too! And so with that fuck, and with a bit of luck, maybe soon I will be able to be able to tick one of me “New Year Resolutions” off the wishlist! 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Quick car suck

Finally this week I back at university after Christmas and New Year break, and back stay at me brothers flat in East London! I have been look forward to be back here in East London, because that break was mostly boring non-event in terms of sex, which is a shame innit? Being at me mums in a small town in Herfordshire don’t exactly make it easy to meet blokes for sex, even though I would regular get on the hunt on and and Grindr for local fun  but local fun is a rare find! Especially local fun that can host, because I can't! It being Christmas time also means that Brian, me very local and very favourite fuck, was unavailable majority of time. His kids were on their school holiday as well, so they were there at home all the time, so he did not get many opportunity to sneak off for a fuck with me. Brian did mention casual to me that his wife also was give him more of what he likes in bed  he said cynical (but perhaps true!) that she was most likely doing more sex to hope to get better Christmas presents from him! Slag! So this all did mean that I did get much less of Brian’s cock than usual these last weeks – even though I was about and available and willing to take it every single day.
In fact, Brian did fuck me just two times in his garage during entire Christmas and New Year break, and one other time I did meet him to give him quick blowjob in his car. Another reason for our lack of fucking is that when it was December and now that it is January, it is proper freezing cold in Brian’s garage! In fact it is so freezing cold in Brian’s garage that you can see your breath all misty when you breathing and panting – same as if you were outdoors! So getting bare arsed to get fucked sure gives me shiver and me teeth chatter with cold! Brian does also complain about his cock get cold in his garage too. It was for this reason that Brian did propose we try fuck in his car, because at least his car does got a heater!
So one night he does txt me to tell me he will drive into town and I am to meet him at carpark near the High Street and library. But when I get there, and I get in Brian’s car, he does straight away complain that it is far too busy here – and even though them nearby shops and stuff are all shut, it is true that carpark for sure ain’t deserted, so I agree it is maybe risky. Next he does drive a bit farther out of town to railway station carpark. This is more quiet, but unfortunate it is more floodlit, but this time Brian does persevere and after a bit of manouvre and reverse and change spaces he does find a parking space that he is satisfied with, and straight away he undo his seatbelt and his jeans zip.
I can tell Brian still is nervous, so I am quick to get me head down into his lap and get on with job of suck his cock! As I do suck his cock, he does firm take hold of back of me head and properly rams it down on his stiff shaft – I don’t get any choice on whether I gonna deepthroat his cock! But I don’t get much time to gag, because almost straight away Brian does shoot a big load deep into back of me mouth, and I do keep on sucking like a hoover to suck down every last drop. So it was a hot and intense and quick and horny blowjob – and one that did make me heart beat hard with fear of be caught, which did make it extra scary but also extra thrill. But I don't think Brian would agree, and I do think Brian prefer to get sucked in private of his garage, even if it is fucking cold!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year, new undies!

Some of you did suggest I put together Amazon wishlist, and because of that I did decide to take a look at Amazon and see if there is any stuff there that I like. Of course there is loads and loads stuff on Amazon that I like! But I don’t think it is right of me to think any of you are interested in buy CDs or DVDs or Wii games and shit for me!
In fact I know them of you who did suggest I put together Amazon wishlist had other things in mind to buy for me as treat! So I did have a look, and I did also have a bit of fun and I did pick out some jockstraps and thongs and mesh undies and stuff – even some leather chaps and some poppers just in case 2012 gets proper wild!! I don’t expect none of you to go and buy me any of this stuff on this list (and to be honest I am happy be fucked bare arse!) but I did particular pick out things that I reckon would be fun to wear when getting fucked, so why not have a look, cos looking costs nothing eh? But if any of you are feeling generous to buy me something pervy as treat, well I will try to wear it next time I have hot date!! Maybe I will even try get Brian or someone to fuck me as I wear it! You can view me wishlist here:

Some of you have also been ask me to post some “nasty” pix of me… and I suppose you mean “naughty” pics?!? LOL! Anyhow, there are naughty pics of me pop up now and again on this blog, as well as on me profile on sites like and and and other sites, but as it’s New Year I figured I would post a few here for you all to see! And once you look at them pics you will know why I would benefit from some new undies!! LOL!!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

In our house we always did this New Year Resolutions thing a bit different, because it was always me mum who would come up with New Year Resolutions for me and me brother so really they were just a list of boring chores like “I will make me own bed straight away when I get up” and “I will wash them dishes after Sunday lunch without being told” and “I will always put me bike away in garage straight after I finished play with it” – so they were no fun at all!
I understand New Year Resolutions more better now, but I still think overall they are a miserable way to start a new year! And I reckon the reason why so many people in the world fail to keep them New Year Resolutions is that they choose real boring things or things they don’t really wanna do! I mean, it is boring and stupid to say that from 1st January you are gonna stop eat chocolate and sweets to loose weight, or you are gonna go gym to get more fit, or give up alcohol or cigarettes, or cut down on spending to have more £££ in the bank, or be more organize and tidy. I am not surprised that many people fail keep boring New Year Resolutions like these for longer than one or two days – in fact I reckon it’d be big relief to fail!
I find out from a Brazilian friend that in Brazil they make a list of wishes for the New Year instead of a list of boring resolutions like we do in England. I think a list of wishes sounds to be a more fun and more positive way to start a new year! So I have decided to do same and make a list of things I wish to do in 2012. Of course in 2012 I wish to have success in me university studies so I get a good job and all stuff like that, but I figure that you readers of me blog won’t be so interested in that wishlist, so instead I have come up with a list of more wild and fun and exciting wishes that I’d like to do in 2012 and here they are:

            1) As London will host Olympics 27 July – 12 August with over 200 different nationalities take part, I wish to meet and be fucked by as many different nationalities as possible in 2012!

            2) I never been to proper orgy party, so I wish to go to one in 2012, and at this orgy I wish to be tag-fucked by 3 tops at least!

3) I wish to do a private homemade sex video to upload onto xtube (but maybe not show me face!)

4) I wish in a 3some to try be double-penetrated by two cocks at once!

5) I wish to have a summer holiday in 2012 that is even wilder than in 2010 and 2011! Maybe if I go Germany I will go Horse Fair Fuck-Market eh? That should guarantee a wild summer holiday innit!

6) I wish to be fucked by someone well-known off of the TV or who is an actor on the stage or who is in a band or someone who once did star in a porn movie or something.

7) I wish to be fucked by a reader of me blog and then blog all about it!

8) I wish to have more sex with more blokes in 2012 than any other year so far!

I realize it is a long wishlist, but I figure that as not every wish does come true then the more wishes I make the bigger the change of some success! So I hope you will cross your fingers and wish me luck with me wishes for 2012 – and of course I will blog all about them wishes that do come true so you can all share in me good fortune. And of course if any of you readers have any suggestions of other wishes for me to add to me 2012 wishlist…. well let me know by leave a comment below! And for now, all that is left to be said is “Happy 2012!!!”

Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!

Now we all gotta party hard all the way to next year! I know that's what I gonna do, and if I have any NYE adventures I will be sure to share em with you all! have a wild night and see you on the other side! Danxxx
polaroids from

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

More Santa sex!

Me big sex fantasy at this time of year is to get a fuck off of a big ole silver hair bloke dressed in a Santa suit! I think it’d be real horny to have a festive theme fuck! And there is all sorts of play stuff you could do real easy with this Santa scenario: I would sit on Santa’s lap, and Santa would ask me if I been good boy or naughty boy – and I could show Santa just how naughty I could be… Or maybe Santa would give me a present from his sack, and I would unwrap it and find it is something saucy like dildo or jockstrap or g-string – so I would blush, but I would also be obligated to try it out right there in front of Santa… there are endless hot scenarios, and we ain’t even brought any of Santa’s elves into the scenario yet!
So if any of you guys out there have a Santa suit and wanna give this a go (or know of any horny elves! LOL!) then for sure give me a shout! It’d make our Xmas very very merry I reckon! Though sad to say I’m currently in Hertfordshire at me mums and I will be here now for the whole of the holidays, so sad to say I reckon this Santa fantasy will have to be put on ice for another year! Never mind eh?
Interesting is that when I look at the stats for me blog for December, I see that so far in December the number one keyword that blokes have typed into a search engine like google and as a result found me blog is “gay santa sex” – incredible a total of 114 guys so far have typed that in google etc and found this blog! (in second place is “electro cum” with just 18). So obvious it seems I ain’t only one in the world with a xxxmas mind!
I wish I did have time to write proper blog entry, but since I have been back at me mums for the holidays I ain’t got much exciting stuff to report, and anyhow I gonna go into Stevenage in a bit to do me Xmas shopping. But first I wanna wish all you readers of me blog a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I look forwards to blogging with you all in the NEW YEAR!


Thursday, 15 December 2011

he kissed a boy

You might remember back in October I was a bit sad to see that the fittest man on this years X-Factor, a married squaddie with kids called Jonjo Kerr, did get voted off  on the very first live show. You can read about that here: 
Well now X-Factor is finally finished for 2011, and this week they did have a wrap party for the show. And during that wrap party it does seem that Jonjo did have a snog with the show runner-up Marcus Collins, and Jonjo did also get down on his knees and pretend give Marcus Collins a blowjob! Marcus is too pretty and plastic look for my taste, but Jonjo is still a fit looking man!
Has Jonjo decide that how to get ahead in music business is to give head? Or was Jonjo just having a bit of fun in front of them paparazzi?? Or is Jonjo just desperate try to extend his 15 minutes of fame that he will do anything to get in them newspapers??? Or has Jonjo now got genuine taste for cock???? Whatever it is, he was well pissed-off with them paparazzi when he did finally leave the party! Anyhow, I do hope it is this last one, because he is a fit man and I bet he’d be a hot and dirty fukker in bed! And I for sure would not say NO to him!!